From a small country comes a big franchise opportunity

Belgian Beer Cafés are opening in specific metropolitan cities around the world, and the next one could be yours. As the franchisee of a Belgian Beer Café, you’ll introduce your guests to
the best beers and food in the world. Please read on if you’re interested in running your own high-class original Belgian brasserie…

Tried and tested

A succesfull franchise

The Belgian Beer Café is a proven high-end bar restaurant business concept, introduced 12 years ago by the world’s leading brewer, AB InBev. Over 30 Belgian Beer Café's in 16 countries are already thriving across the world. But many opportunities still exist, in many major cities of the world.

Belgian beer cafés
Map of Belgian beer cafés

From Hungary to Japan, Belgian Beer Café owners are enjoying first-class revenues.

Land of oportunity

To optimize your chances of success, we grant you exclusive rights for a territory.

riding the wave of a growing market

What are the current global trends?

Fast food outlets likely to witness highest value growth in the near future
  • • Expansion of fast food chains coupled with consumers preferring cheaper eating-out options drive this high growth
Innovation in retailing and foodservice concepts is key
  • • Consumers interested in new experiences influence innovative concepts in retailing and foodservice times
Growing demand for organic food and beverage
  • • Stronger demand for organic food, drinks and natural ingredients triggered by more health conscious consumers
Convenience drives modern retailing growth
  • • As consumers opt for shopping convenience in terms of proximity, product and services offering, supermarkets and hypermarkets benefit from this growing trend
Performance of key chained
consumer foodservices

2005 - 2015

Note: Bubble size represents channel sales value in mn EUR in 2010
Performance of key chained
cafés / bars

2005 - 2015

Note: Bubble size represents channel sales value in mn EUR in 2010

A popular
meeting point

People will come to your café on many occasions to relax and share each other’s company. Depending on its location, it will attract affluent white collars, younger crowds, local people, tourists, …

The fine art of beer tapping is practiced with great pride.

Belgian Beer Cafés offer everything that Belgians expect from a traditional brasserie. And people around the world
just love the concept

Unique opportunity

What makes our franchise opportunity different?

The Beers

  • Wide range of delicious, authentic Belgian beers.
  • Broad taste palate, catering for all preferences.
  • Detailed information on all beer brands.

The Food

  • Wide choice of traditional Belgian dishes which can be combined with a variety of beers.
  • Menu flexibility to create dishes consistent with the Belgian-inspired theme.
  • Hoppetizers™, the tasty beer snacks.

The Service

  • All Belgian Beer Café© staff receive comprehensive training.
  • Knowledgeable about the origins & pouring rituals of every specialty beer and its specially designed glassware.
  • Initiation in beer and food pairing.


  • Warm and inviting, true Belgian café setting for people of all ages.
  • The answer for any "beer occasion": business lunch, travel respite, gathering with friends, family etc.
  • Authentic interior developed by Belgian designers Creneau International, customized to your location.

Take the tour

Taste the atmosphere

Take the 360° tour in one of our atmospheric Belgian Beer Cafés.

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share the heritage

A bit of history

In the heart of what’s now the tiny kingdom of Belgium, the monks of the Abbey of Leffe started brewing beer in the 13th century. Dating back to 1366, the roots of the country’s famous Stella Artois are almost as old.

Today, the little country in the heart of Europe still produces an unparalleled 500 different beers. Belgians like to pair them to simple but delightful food in the relaxed atmosphere of their local café. The Belgian Beer Café is a premium franchise concept based on that rich cultural heritage.

Many Belgian abbeys continue the centuries-old tradition and still produce their own exclusive beer.

Businesses come and go.
Belgian Beer Cafés are here to stay. Because...

we’re in this together

Naturally, as in any business venture, there is no guarantee of your success or profitability. But we minimize your risk by giving you a well-organized system, full support, and a concept refined in the course of many years.

What you’ll need:

  • A passion for people and hospitality
  • An entrepreneurial spirit

Experience in local hospitality and real estate will increase your chances of success.

The BBC supports you:


  • Site selection
  • Layout and design
  • Food and beer corporate training
  • Operational manual
  • Localization of concept


  • Soft opening training
  • Hiring staff
  • On site training
  • D-Day support


  • Food and beer corporate training
  • Quality audit
  • Central purchasing
  • Local Store Marketing
  • Mystery shopping
  • E-learning
  • Menu development

Location and design

Belgian Beer Cafés are ideally situated in prime locations in urban and metropolitan areas with a high density of professionals, students, shoppers, tourists, travellers, and families.

Key success factors

  • Minimal frontage of 10 meters
  • Ground floor
  • Standard size between 350 and 500 sqm
  • Corner preferred
  • Outside sitting area required
  • Minimal number of seats: 100

A smart investment

You and any co-investors finance the project. Running a Belgian Beer Café requires a relatively high investment.

Usually between:
€ 750,000 and € 1,500,000

The interior decoration costs are about:
€ 1,150 per square meter

Based on a sample of existing outlets, the payback period is estimated at between 1 and 3 years.

ROI is up to 12%.

These numbers are merely informative and no guarantee for future performance.

our 12 steps towards success

Interested in starting your own Belgian Beer Café?
We’ll guide you through the entire process, leaving nothing to chance.

You are here


Interest expressed



BBC Brochure and general information

BBC gives basic information by e-mail within 24 hours along with NDA and Application form


Reception of executed Application Form

Qualification of the lead


Meeting ppt presentation + PID Pre-contractual information Documentation + Non Disclosure Agreement

Validation of the prospect / Discovery of BBC concept and signature of PID Contractual information


LOI, Letter Of Intent

Reciprocity in commitment, limited in time


Site selection + Meeting with ABII / Distributor

Full disclosure with financial numbers and simulation worksheet. Meeting with local Beer distributor


Franchise Agreement

Signature of the Franchise Agreement
= Starting point


Construction Build-out

Infrastructure set up


Training at BBC Training Center

Operation set up + Localisation of concept


Pre-Opening on site training

D day minus 5



D day


On going support & Audit

Living the contractual relationship






How long have the Belgian Beer Cafés been in business?

They have been created by AB InBev in 1998 and been successfully operated by independent owners ever since.


How many outlets currently exist and where are they located?

Currently there exist 60 Belgian Beer Cafe's in 18 countries. All outlets can be found on our website.


What are the plans for the future?

We want to keep on growing and continue our success story by sharing an authentic Belgian beer and food experience with customers in over 20 specifically chosen cosmopolitan cities across the world!


What sites or markets are currently available?

The following major cities are targeted either directly as a single unit franchise of AB InBev or as a sub-franchise of our master franchisee: Toronto, Beijing, Paris, Munich, Milan, Rome, Amsterdam, Brussels, Moscow, Zurich, London, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Seoul, Pusan, Barcelona, Bangkok and Istanbul.


What kind of agreement do you use?

We use a full fledge franchise agreement where you will receive professional support services from start to finish.

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